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Friends of breastfeeding, first AGM
June 6th 2009, Bray Community Centre
Adrienne Corless, Chris Finn, Tom Finn, Jo Murphy, Mary Lalor, Denae Heffernan, Andrea Casey, Deirdre Phelan, Hazel Quigley, Sinead Counihan, Leela O’Shea, Kate Byrne.

Lisa McCaffrey
Tanya Cassidy

Point 1: Introductions
Group members introduced themselves and their own experiences of breast feeding.

Point 2: Report
Adrienne detailed our beginnings on Rollercoaster, the Breastway photo shoot and its promotional uses.
We made an appearance on The Afternoon Show, before the group came together, as breastfeeding mothers, and hopefully made a normalizing impact on viewers. An initial meeting in Dundrum took place, where ideas such as the Ribbon project were discussed.
FoB is in the process of collecting funds, some of us walked the mini marathon.
We have formalized our committee to an extent, and are still recruiting.
Our constitution is a work in progress.
We have talked to Marion Fallon, HSE breastfeeding coordinator, and she is positive and supportive of the group.
We have registered for a charity tax number, which will give us formal recognition and allow us to apply for grants.

Point 3: Philosophy
Mary read the FoB philosophy and we agreed that so far it does represent our feelings, and is a rousing statement! We discussed not imposing a concept of ‘breastfeeding success’ on anyone. The work has yet to be completely finalized.

Point 4: Aims
Denae read the aims out.
• To protect and support the practice of breastfeeding in Ireland
• To highlight/raise awareness about breastfeeding support options
• To raise awareness about how families and communities in Ireland can be supportive of the breastfeeding woman
• and her baby and foster appreciation amongst for breastfeeding in the community
• To promote the Breastway website as an affiliated online resource for information and support for the breastfeeding
• mother and for health professionals
• To recruit members for fundraising activities, publicity campaigns, initiatives and events.
• To raise our profile – and thus the profile of breastfeeding
To raise public awareness about breastfeeding in order to dispel myths
• To work with other breastfeeding-related organisations for maximum effect
• To work to improve policies in place relating to breastfeeding in Ireland and ensure they are being enforced

Point 5: plans for achieving aims
• Recruiting: Charging twenty euro per member, as a commitment to supporting the group.

• We decided that the Info packs would be the first thing we’d work towards and what might go into them.We discussed contacting Maureen Fallon and EUmom about this.

• Denae gave her ideas for the Ribbon campaign – gold for international bfing colour, 50c to make, sell for E2, design choice to be agreed upon later.
We all like this idea and discussed the importance of solidarity and countering isolation .
• We also want to be represented at the Big Into Baby show in Oct, ideally with the Breastway.
• I proposed the blog as a good interim go-to site for mothers and those interested in joining. It has the benefits of being free, and easily accessed.
• Hazel is a web designer and offered her services! She also has extensive experience in working with charities – this is good!

Point 6: Steering Committee
The management committee will establish itself as a Steering Committee for now, meaning that we do not have to finalise the Constitution. We are still figuring out our needs, must finish the Aims and Philosophy. This also takes away the need for an official election and establishing roles, for now.
Steering Committee members introduced themselves and their experiences.

Point 7: Involvement
Deirdre Phelan, Hazel Quigley, Sinead Counihan and Leela O’Shea all became involved.

Next meeting to take place online, June 16th, 9.30pm
Minutes taken by Jo Murphy.


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