Friends of Breastfeeding in the paper

September 23, 2009 at 11:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Siobhan  O Neill White has an article in the Independent.

She introduces Friends of Breastfeeding with her own experience of trying to breastfeed, and what she perceived as her own failure.

It is that sentiment , that I’ve read and heard countless times, that led me to be involved in the group.

It is such a cruel sentence, I think, for women to feel they have failed their babies. It’s blatantly untrue: I  believe they have fought for them. It is they who have been failed by a system that is inexpert, underfunded, undereducated etc. etc.

Women in Ireland and their babies deserve professionals who will dedicate themselves to helping every woman  enjoy breastfeeding success, however they define it.

How can you help yourself and others?

  • Gather information before you have your baby. 
  • Set up a support system before you encounter a problem (that is, before the birth) – experienced friends, cuidiu counsellor, La Leche volunteer, lactation consultant. This way, making a phonecall is no effort.
  • Prioritise your own and the babies needs for the labour and early days: not your visitors or family’s.
  • Skin to skin contact as soon as possible (my sister in law’s midwives made sure the baby had skin to skin contact with his DAD when she was being cared for after her section! Genius!)
  • Ask for help the minute you feel pain or uncertainty in the hospital. Persevering means finding solutions, not suffering through pain.
  • Trust your instinct. If the midwives’ advice seems conflicting, or isn’t working for you, ask for the lactation consultant sooner rather than later. This is your right, don’t be scared to insist on it.

Share, readers. What helped you get feeding off to a good start?

Siobhan runs Mumstown, a one stop info site for parents.


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  1. Really well put Jo. I LOVE the article, Siobhan wrote it beautifully!

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